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“Ravissante” by Robert Aickman

A story within a story – a man inherits the papers of a painter of fantastical scenes, and finds a memoir of the painter’s visit with the widow of another painter of fantastical scenes.

I couldn’t help but imagine, though it is never made explicit, that the mysterious absent (adopted?) daughter would go on to become the painter’s wife, who appears wholly disinterested in the painter’s estate after his death. Weird and unsettling as only Aickman can deliver.

“The Stains” by Robert Aickman

A widower visiting his vicar brother in the country encounters a strange young woman on the moors and moves into an abandoned house with her, where they are pursued by the girl’s father, who may be some sort of primordial god.

This is peak Aickman, creepy in every sense (the lurking lichens and the leering after a girl of uncertain age) with an ambiguous and unsettling conclusion.

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