Work and errands prevented me from watching a full horror movie today (well, I did watch Trump’s Showdown on Frontline, which is a different sort of horror …). So I found a collection of very short (most under 5 minutes) scary movies to sample to ensure good nightmares tonight.

The ones I sampled where:

Lights Out by David Sandberg – nice little jump scare.

He Took His Skin Off For Me by Ben Aston (based on a story by Maria Hummer) – not so much a horror movie as a slipstream fantasy story, with some gruesomely beautiful aspects.

The Smiling Man by Michael Evans – actually, this is almost exactly the same film as “Lights Out,” but it’s still unnerving.

Mama by Andy and Barbara Muschietti – a short that sets up the full-length film of the same title, a couple of very intense minutes

Alexia by Andres Borghi – good reason to delete your Facebook account …