After robbing a bank, a group of Confederate deserters hides out in an abandoned plantation house where some dreadful things have happened.

This movie makes up in atmosphere what it lacks in budget for effects. There’s a lot of creeping around in dark hallways, peering under beds, rattling cellar doors, and half-glimpsing things in the storm-ravaged cornfields outside. There’s also some pretty good tension between the characters, who, true to the robber gang tropes, quickly divide into two opposing groups apparently trying to double-cross each other while the evil entities within the house pick them off one by one.

The effects are not especially convincing, and a few (like the faces of children transforming into sharp-toothed demons) are used past the point of effectiveness. The budget constraints show through in those moments.

It has a nice oroboros shape to it, though, with echoes of the opening scenes reverberating at the end, and some grisly Southern Gothic atmospherics that have this movie punching a bit above its weight class.