A homeless person, their sanity destroyed by sleep deprivation due in no small part to efforts to make rest in public places impossible, succumbs to madness or possession (it’s a little ambiguous as to which) and does violence to cops and politicians.

I’m dipping back into the “Antifa Splatterpunk” collection because (a) it’s late and I need a quick read to keep the streak going, and (b) it’s been a long day and nothing makes me happier than some righteous indignation coupled with vengeful violence. While certainly not a literary masterpiece, “Hostile Architecture” succeeds in its apparent goals: it draws attention to the blight of “hostile architecture” (making park benches, stoops, and other resting places impossible to use with spikes and sharp angles and other efforts at discomfort for fear that the wrong sort of people might pause for a moment) and tells a simple story where the perpetrators of violence are the victims of violence.