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The Demon Lover

When his followers abandon him over a Satanic sex ritual, occult practitioner Laval Blessing conjures a demon to exact his revenge. Can Detective Frazetta crack the case and stop him before it’s too late? (Also, there’s a really awesome bar fight, and one of the cult members looks like Frank Zappa.)

Over the top horrible and campy, but also strangely fun and engaging. This was clearly made on as little budget as possible, and with an incredibly sparse script, but it leans into its subject and isn’t afraid to take the most asinine premise with utmost seriousness. Set your expectations low, and you’ll enjoy this little romp.

Daily Horror Movie: The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

A group of young people stumble across a houseful of cannibals in the Texas countryside. Things go pretty much as you’d expect.

This contains exactly what it says on the package: there’s massacring, there’s Texas, and there’s a chainsaw. Leatherface’s chainsaw dances are kind of sublime in their ridiculous grace. The screaming in the last half hour is intense, and quite understandable given the situation, but it loses its impact pretty quickly and becomes just background noise.

As one of the first slasher movies, this is certainly an historically important movie; and as a feat of film making, it’s pretty impressive: the tone is perfect, the effects are restrained but scary, and the pace is fast. I’m not convinced it holds up–I would say it’s definitely showing its age more than “Night of the Living Dead” does–but it’s certainly no worse than its countless imitators, and often much better than some recent attempts to tap into the “Chainsaw” vibe.

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