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Daily (Holiday?) Horror Movie: Black Christmas

Black Christmas

Black Christmas

Sorority sisters are stalked and killed in their house while preparing for Christmas. The cops–some bumbling, some resourceful, some dead–don’t seem to help a great deal. And the call is definitely coming from upstairs …

This early slasher is a pretty great ride–suspenseful and funny in equal parts, with likeable characters and good pacing. The creepy boyfriend as red herring gives this movie a giallo feel (as does the perfectly-captured ’70s vibe of the clothes and decor). It’s not particularly bloody, especially by giallo standards, but it has its moments of gore.

Also, it has Margot Kidder. Who is fabulously foul-mouthed and mean.

It’s also Bob Clark’s other Christmas movie; and I kind of like this one better.

Daily Horror Movie: Tenebre



A mysterious killer is slashing the people around an American writer in Rome in ways that are reminiscent of his most recent bestselling novel.

This is peak giallo: more style than substance, lots of Technicolor blood (SO MUCH BLOOD!), jiggling breasts, a mystery with more red herrings than clues, some insane twists, and no piece of scenery left unchewed by the cast. Over the top and loads of fun in the way that only Italian slasher movies can be.

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