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Daily Horror Movie: It Comes At Night

It Comes at Night

It Comes at Night

A family hiding from a deadly plague reluctantly welcome another family into their home. Things go badly for all involved.

This is a grim, quiet, paranoid movie, a zombie survival tale without zombies. There’s a current of distrust running through every relationship, and even warm moments turn dark. And in the end it just doesn’t matter … I liked it despite (because of?) its nihilism.

Also, is this the same house where “A Quiet Place” and “Hereditary” were shot? It seems that the wood-paneled-house-in-the-forest is the new Victorian mansion or Dutch Revival home of the modern horror movie.

Daily Horror Movie: Hold the Dark

Hold the Dark

Hold the Dark

A naturalist goes to Alaska to search for a wolf pack that took a boy. But he discovers that wolves are not the most dangerous thing in the village of Keelut.

This is a laconic movie full of snow and guns and men in plaid. There are wolves and native witches and masks, and one of the most violent shootouts I’ve seen since the second season of “True Detective.” (Actually, I just rewatched the “True Detective” shootout, and the one in “Hold the Dark” is much more intense in its tightly-contained area and focus.) It’s gory and dark and senseless and brutal and I loved it. There’s a lot of subtext going on here, making us question things like love and vengeance and what makes us human. It’s just this side of “American Werewolf in Alaska” without sliding over the line to straight-up supernatural horror.

(Also, Letterboxd and IMDB don’t list its genre as “horror”; dude, this is totally a horror movie …)

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