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Life After Beth

Zach’s girlfriend Beth miraculously returns from the dead, but she’s a little different now …

This movie works only so far as Aubrey Plaza’s performance gives it some soul. Her mix of quirkiness and rage gives depth to an otherwise slapstick parody of zombie apocalypse movies that feels like a sketch comedy stretched well past its breaking point. It has its enjoyable moments, and is sometimes genuinely funny, but doesn’t quite deliver on its promise.

The Girl with All the Gifts

At a military lab besieged by zombie-like “hungries,” a team of scientists and soldiers experiment on children infected by the fungus that creates the hungries to try to find a cure. The lab is overrun and a small group of survivors flees with one of the children reluctantly in tow; in the post-apocalyptic landscape overrun with hungries, a terrifying vision of the future emerges.

This is a nice entry in the zombie apocalypse genre, with an interesting take on the cause of zombieism (a fungal infection similar to Ophiocordyceps unilateralis), some strong characters (particularly the girl Melanie), and a thought-provoking ending. It clearly owes a debt to “Day of the Dead,” but its characters are less black-and-white, and the acting is quite a bit better. While there are certainly credulity gaps, as in all such movies, the logic of the infection and responses to it holds together surprisingly well, and the ending is certainly surprising and satisfying.

Daily Horror Movie: Night of the Living Dead

Night of the Living Dead

Night of the Living Dead

Seven people are trapped in an isolated farmhouse during a zombie apocalypse. As deadly as the shambling, hungry dead outside are, the real danger comes from themselves.

I probably haven’t seen this movie for 30 years, but I felt that it still held up. Its choppy, grainy look gives it a kind of timelessness, and while the acting, special effects, and premise are fair to preposterous, the core ideas are solid; every zombie movie since “Night of the Living Dead” is in some way a response this wonderful, horrible, thoroughly original film.

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